• Fed 47,468 people through our healthy food programs, including Good for You groceries; Blessings United; Healthy Harvest Offering; Farm to Belly; Tender Loving Food; and Franciscan Center support;
  • Planted, harvested, and distributed hundreds of thousands of pounds of farm food;
  • Launched fresh starts for 116 people by filling their new homes with furnishings and household goods through our House to Home project;
  • Clothed 500 people through Elf Angel;
  • Taught tens of thousands of people with our programs including Water for You, Water for the World; Love Your Health, Love Your Self; Serve the Servant; This is US; and Healthy Food Drive Transformation;
  • Delivered life sustaining and enhancing gifts including water wells in Burundi; water bottles in Liberia; Pamper Packages for cancer patients; Easter Blessing Baskets; Healthy Lifestyle bags; and emergency assistance.

Our Partners

  • Volunteers of America Chesapeake
  • Youth Empowerment Society (YES)
  • Baltimore City Police, Northern and Western Districts
  • First Fruits Farm
  • Freedom Temple Aim Zion Church
  • Next Step Baltimore
  • Neighbor to Neighbor
  • Franciscan Center
  • Geebamu International, Inc. 
  • LIFE International
  • Manna Bible Baptist
  • Epiphany Church
  • C.L.A.S.S.
  • Kind Club
  • Kensington Community Church
  • Kids with Heart
  • Cases De Luz
  • Narenji Tree
  • Kind Fund
  • Johns Hopkins Baseball Team​​
  • ​St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Church

​​​​​​​​​​​​​House to Home Program

In this life-saving program, we assemble and deliver goods and furnishings to families who are making fresh starts in new residences.

Good for You Groceries

Our angels assemble sacks of nutritious-packed nonperishables to distribute to citizens who frequent soup kitchens, to families in impoverished neighborhoods, and to folks we know from previous outreach who need the food.

Farm to Belly

We offer churches and other community groups the opportunity to volunteer at First Fruits Farm and/or prepare meals with farm-fresh ingredients we provide, in addition to the other staples needed, with simple recipes that promote health.

Easter Blessings Baskets

​In the spirit of Easter and the modern-day traditions of Christian families, we help the Easter Bunny provide
baskets to kids who wouldn’t otherwise receive one, as well as for women in transitional housing.

"Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

- Dr. Howard Thurman 

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Here's, briefly, how we improved the lives of others in 2016 and c for hurricanluncheon with Mission BBQ and a door-to-door visit with treats.) 
- Provide support for kids to attend educational field trips who otherwise wouldn’t be included. (20 students in 2016)

- Plant, collect and distribute fresh produce and eggs through our partnership with First Fruits Farm. (Tons in 2016!) 
- Cooked and distribute homemade food to homeless people in shelters. (Served more than 7,500 servings in 2016)
Support distribution of children’s books to school libraries. (2,200 students were involved in 2016)

Provide Citypaks, homeless-designed backpacks, to neighbors without shelter. (48 in 2016)

And with...

See our angels in action . . . 

​​​​Sweet Ashley Fund

The Sweet Ashley Fund will enable us to extend cost-free, convenient housing for lung cancer patients (and family members) who come from out-of-town for treatment at facilities throughout The Johns Hopkins Hospital system. 

Food Drive Transformation

Heaven on Earth NOW is on a mission to transform traditional food drives to healthier versions. We will strive to broadly educate community influencers who are holding customary drives on the importance of gathering and distributing more nutritious food to people who desperately need it. 

To participate with us as an angel in any capacity,

please be in touch at angels@heavonearthnow.net 

and specify the program in which you would like

to offer your assistance. Thank you. 

2017 Accomplishments & Partners

We bring heaven down-to-earth with...

Blessings United

In the Blessings United program, Major Rich Gibson and the Officers of the Northern District, Baltimore County, fuel the health and wellbeing of citizens and sew kindness in the community and by distributing Good for You Groceries to people the officers encounter who need food.

Healthy Harvest Offering
Our angels grocery shop, harvest fresh food from the farm, cook, assemble, and deliver complete Thanksgiving meals before the holiday to families referred to us by churches and other organizations.

Elf Angel

This program offers wrapped Christmas gifts “from Santa” to families referred to us by churches, social service organizations, and school administrators.

Water for You, Water for the World

​We promote the healing benefits of water with outreach to teach the critically important role of water in our bodies, and with partnerships to establish sustainable, clean water sources in Africa and around the world. 

We bring heaven down-to-earth with...