Be the warmth the world needs.


we are designed to connect and serve.

Life's true meaning comes from living for others. This is the mission of our nonprofit Heaven on Earth NOW:

  • We swiftly connect angels and resources to feed, house, teach, and honor people in need – in cities and towns across America and around the world.

  • We bring expedient, hands-on HOPE, and LOVE to our communities.

  • We share the story so that our volunteers, partners, and recipients know the role they play in helping one another.


Heaven on earth is ...

healthy food to eat.


117,468 people served healthy food. 

heaven on earth is healthy food to eat.jpg

Heaven on earth is...

a fresh start in life.


With our help, 412 people made fresh starts.

heaven on earth is a fresh start in life.jpg

Four Tenets of Service

  • Feed the hungry healthy food. Our programs address staggering rates of food insecurity in the United States, particularly the lack of access to healthy food.

  • House our Homeless. As individuals and families emerge from homelessness and hardship, we provide the essentials they need in their new homes.

  • Honor the individual. We cherish and respect the people we serve.

  • Teach the world. Our education efforts focus on the three biggest contributors to world health: ample, clean water, good nutrition, and daily exercise.


Heaven on earth is ...

sacred connections.


1185 people clothed. Countless others served.

heaven on earth is sacred connections.jpg

"We have visited homes where people were so apologetic because there were no chairs. . . now we see that our families have dignity.

More than any material item, you gave them a mirror to see their value and worth.

Many of our families have not had positive life experiences, so for them to be seen and then known…well, it means more than you can know." 

~ Kate, a caseworker from a Batimore social service agency about our House to Home project


Heaven on earth is ...

good health and
high energy.


Tens of thousands learned healthy habits.

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