Spring is hope born anew. Be the hope!

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100% public donations go to our programs. not to overhead.

At Heaven on Earth NOW, our mission is to . . .

  • Combat hunger in America with healthy food

  • Offer new beginnings in homes of people emerging from homelessness and crisis

  • Make it easy for people to volunteer by offering ideas that can be pursued at home or in communities around the globe

  • Teach the value of clean water, exercise, nutrition, and volunteering


$20 = 27 Healthy Meals

1 in 7 Americans struggles to put meals on the table. Too often, they resort to eating junk that fills them up but undermines their health. 100 percent of your donation will go to providing healthy food for hungry families. Give $20 and feed a family 27 nutritious meals with our Good for You Grocery Bag.

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$350 = One New Beginning

Emerging from homelessness or crisis, most families in our Begin Again program who are placed in new homes have nothing, just the clothes on their backs. 100 of your donation provides dishes, cleaning supplies, linens, and other household essentials. Give $350 and help a family make a fresh start.


Why are our programs so important?


Heaven on earth is...

a fresh start in life.


We fed 210,000 people healthy food. With our help, 555 people made new beginnings.

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Heaven on earth is ...

sacred connections.


2230 individuals and families honored. Countless others served.

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"We have visited homes where people were so apologetic because there were no chairs. . . now we see that our families have dignity.

More than any material item, you gave them a mirror to see their value and worth.

Many of our families have not had positive life experiences, so for them to be seen and then known…well, it means more than you can know." 

~ Kate, a caseworker from a Batimore social service agency about our House to Home project


Heaven on earth is ...

good health and
high energy.


Tens of thousands learned healthy habits. Millions taught to better nourish their neighbors with healthy food donations.

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