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Heaven on Earth is . . . 

healthy food to eat.


We feed people who would otherwise go without.

In three years, we have nourished more than 209,200 people in five states. Our programs include:

Good for You Groceries

Our angels assemble sacks of nutrition-packed nonperishables to distribute to citizens who frequent soup kitchens, to families in impoverished neighborhoods, and to folks we know from previous outreach who need the food. These bags are easy to assemble. Just ask us for the list of healthy items.


Farm to BellY

A partnership with First Fruits Farm. We offer churches and other community groups the opportunity to volunteer at First Fruits Farm and/or prepare meals with farm-fresh ingredients and healthy nonperishables we provide. The groups make the meals available to people in need. Interested in getting your group involved in Farm to Belly?

Blessings United

In this program, we partner with Baltimore City Police to fuel the health and wellbeing of citizens and sew kindness in the community. Our angels buy and assemble bags of Good for You Groceries which the officers — in their everyday policing — distribute to people they encounter who need food.


Healthy Harvest Offering

Our angels grocery shop, harvest fresh food from the farm, cook, assemble, and deliver complete Thanksgiving meals before the holiday to families referred to us by churches and other organizations.

every Neighborhood Needs Healthy Food

Heaven on Earth NOW is on a mission to transform traditional food drives to healthier versions. We need your help, too. Host a healthy food drive today. We can show you how!


Tender Loving Food

Angels at San Diego’s Kensington Community Church assembled healthy meals in a bag and distributed them to homeless men, women, and children in the downtown area. Let us know if you are interested in doing the same.


Heaven on Earth is . . . 

loving our neighbors.