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Every Neighborhood Needs Healthy Food

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We will transform food drives in the United States.

Millions of people learned how to better nourish their neighbors in 2018, thanks to our Every Neighborhood Needs Healthy Food campaign. Learn how:


Best Foods to Donate Handout
Video to Kick Off Food Drive
Non-religious Video to Kick Off Food Drive
Healthy Food Drive Flyer
Healthy Food Drive Poster — Editable PDF so you can customize the date and location
Healthy Food Drive FAQ's
Thanksgiving Video
Christmas Video

Want to offer donors our reusable Heaven on Earth grocery bags? Other tips and ideas? We are eager to help and to hear your food drive success. Our donations went up 83 percent when we converted from traditional food drives to healthy food drives.

We can’t wait to see how you transform your food drive. Report YOUR results here, or in the form below. Post your photos and results on social media with #thinkbeforeyoudonate.

Every Neighborhood Needs Healthy Food is designed to change our habits. And to get YOU inspired to host a healthy food drive . . .

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Because 46 million Americans rely on food pantries and soup kitchens . . . to survive! That's 1 in 7 of our nation's citizens who needs assistance to ensure they eat three meals a day.

People who are food insecure often do not have healthy diets. In many low-income areas, grocery stores are not readily accessible and fresh produce is too expensive. So their diets are often made up of readily available convenience store and fast food fare, which can lead to obesity, as well as costly and debilitating diseases.

To make matters worse, most of the food we donate to food drives is GARBAGE. We offload the dusty cans from the back of our kitchen cabinets, items that we have chosen not to eat. The nonperishables we give are often laden with fat, salt, and sugar.

We need not spend more to donate healthy food. A can of tuna in water is the same cost as a can of tuna in oil — but it’s much better for us. Whole wheat pasta is much healthier than sodium-packed Top Ramen. Swap sugary cereals for whole grains. Give the food you would feed your family


Every neighborhood needs healthy food.

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