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Heaven on earth is ...

sharing God's gifts.

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WE delight in serving. Our joy is in Giving.

In 2015, amidst a crisis, a group of friends experienced this profound truth: God is always with us.

God’s grace and mercy were abundantly ours, extended to us through friends, family, and the kindness of strangers. Buoyed by this support, we greeted dark days with gratitude and turned our focus outward. Indeed, our healing came from helping others, from sharing the good things with which God has blessed us.

We immersed ourselves in cooking, teaching, offering encouragement, converting houses to homes, and connecting with God's green earth to feed others fresh food. These were service projects that had been the source of joy for us before. Indeed, God brought us through the storm . . . and put us right where we were meant to be.

By feeding, creating new beginnings, teaching, and honoring our neighbors, we transformed our communities – and ourselves. Together, we created a piece of heaven – a peace on earth!

This is the spirit that launched our nonprofit in 2016 – and that continues today, with God's love ever unfolding and expanding.


Heaven on earth is ...

the opportunity to serve.


Angels Among US

Our volunteers are “angels” who devote time to shopping, harvesting, cooking, assembling, and delivering our mission. Guiding this effort are the board of directors including Dean Cottrill, Michele Ferris, Kellie Huffman, Patty Kallmyer, Janis Michels, Cheryl Starr, Dave Thomas, Diana Woltereck, and Molly George Cottrill, who serves as the executive director.


We work with many partners who refer clients to us and enable us to extend heaven on earth to more communities and neighborhoods.

Our partners include: Baltimore City Police, Casas de Luz, First Fruits Farm, Franciscan Center of Baltimore, Freedom Temple AME Zion Church, Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley, Healthcare for the Homeless, Kensington Community Church UCC, Manna Bible Baptist Church, Volunteers of America Chesapeake, among others.


Heaven on earth is...

rays of hope.

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“A family told us that if your "elves" had not stepped in . . .

their children would have had nothing for Christmas. You helped her to not feel like a failure as a mother.

Your elves carefully selected just the right thing for each family member – whether it was clothing or toys, they felt it was perfect."

~Agency administrator about recipients of the Elf Angel project