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Heaven on Earth is . . . 

a peaceful home.


We supply household goods to individuals and families emerging from homelessness and trauma. We also provide housing for families during medical crises.

Begin again

With this program, we launch people on a path of independent living, often enabling families to reunite or remain together. For 555 individuals/families, we supplied household goods (dishes, cleaning supplies, linens, etc.) in their new residences.

Individuals are referred to us by nonprofits and organizations helping them in other capacities. Emerging from shelters, the recipients typically have very little, just a bit of clothing. Once introduced to us, we learn their specific needs and get to work, fulfilling their wishes. We appreciate our angels who shop, organize, assemble, and deliver these gifts. After all, a house is a just a building but a home is a feeling — and our donations do just that, lending dignity, comfort, and creating the feeling of home.

Our partners include: Casas de Luz, Housing Plus Initiative - Healthcare for the Homeless, Volunteers of America, among others. We welcome your involvement and in-kind donations as well.


Sweet Ashley Fund

The Sweet Ashley Fund enables us to extend cost-free, convenient housing for lung cancer patients (and family members) who come from out-of-town for treatment at facilities throughout The Johns Hopkins Hospital system.

This program is made possible with donations from the beloved family and friends of Ashley Pribicko Misterka, who passed away in November 2016 after a long battle with lung cancer.