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Heaven on earth is . . . 

sharing our bounty.



Our volunteers, known as angels, devote themselves to four tenets of service:


We nourish our neighbors with healthy food. 46 million Americans rely on food pantries and soup kitchens to survive – but the food Americans donate is often junk, laden with fat, sugar, and sodium. We have served healthy food to more than 117,468 people since our founding.



We believe in fresh starts and new beginnings. By donating basic essentials for a home, we help people achieve independence. Almost all the individuals and families we assist are emerging from homelessness or extreme hardship.


Clean water and good nutrition are the two most important contributors to world health. Reaching tens of thousands of people, our education efforts offer practical tips to live healthier, more meaningful lives.



We honor the dignity of those we serve. It’s important to us that individuals who may feel invisible because of their life circumstances, are cherished and respected.


Heaven on earth is . . .

building people up.