Think Before You Donate Reaches Millions

This fall, we launched our Think Before You Donate campaign to change the way Americans think about food drives. We’ve reached millions of people with this important message: food is a kind of medicine that we can extend to our neighbors with donations of healthy non-perishables. Our op-ed on the topic was published by more than 24 media outlets, including Newsday. Another news release, together with our social media posts, reached millions of others, all in the name of increasing public awareness.

One in seven Americans relies on the donations we make to food drives, which are then distributed in soup kitchens and food pantries. But ironically, people who are food insecure are often plagued with health problems that result from a lack of access to healthy food. including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

We can promote health and save lives by giving . . .

  • Lean proteins such as tuna or chicken in water, or legumes

  • Whole grain pasta or cereals, brown rice

  • No sugar added fruits

  • Low sodium veggies

We provide a Best Foods to Donate list that makes it easy to better nourish your neighbor. Help us spread the word — and use our resources to host your own Heathy Food Drive.

Marg Stark