Snowed in with your kids? 5 Service Projects You Can Do Today!

School called off again? Trying to keep the kids occupied on long snow days? Homebound days are great days to devote to service work. Here are our top 5 volunteer projects for families to pursue together — from the comfort of your own homes:

  1. Show your love for our military service people. Make cards and care packages you can send to Operation Gratitude.

  2. Create care packages (cookies, homemade casseroles, etc.) and thank-you cards for community helpers. Deliver them to local firefighters, police, mail carriers, groundskeepers, paramedics, and school personnel.

  3. Make no-sew dog toys for animals in shelters. Deliver them to your local SPCA.

  4. Set up a Blessing Box outside your home — with a sign that reads, “Take a blessing when you need one. Leave a blessing when you can.”

  5. Assemble a bag of Good for You Groceries. Pack a bag or box with healthy staples, so desperately needed by the 1 in 7 Americans who rely on soup kitchens and food pantries. Here are the best items to include. Google the name of your hometown’s food pantry or soup kitchen to drop off your donation.

Find even more easy volunteer ideas here! Most of all, enjoy your snow days! Or tuck these ideas away for the hot summer vacation days yet to come.