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Heaven on earth is ...

creating a ripple effect.

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“The past three months, Jojo and I have been sleeping on the floor.

I never felt so low as a mom than to have my son sleeping on the floor of a shelter. But look at God’s grace now.

There’s my baby in a bed. I didn’t realize how blessed I am until just now … I no longer have that guilty and helpless feeling. Thank you.”

~Grateful recipient of Begin Again

Begin Again Shopping

Angels (volunteers) are needed to shop for basic housewares and essentials for individuals and families emerging from homelessness and crises who have next to nothing in their possession. Heaven on Earth NOW is partnered with a number of organizations in Maryland (among other states) who refer the clients to us. Together, we lend dignity, comfort, and create the feeling of home. This is our Begin Again program.

Volunteers needed in the Baltimore area, all ages welcome.

Dates to follow.


Begin Again Assembly & Delivery

Together, we will assemble the purchases the household packages we have assembled and deliver directly to clients in our Begin Again program.

Good for You Groceries Assembly

Angels (volunteers) are needed to assemble bags of nutrition-packed nonperishables to fuel the health and wellbeing of citizens in Baltimore and to sew kindness in our community. The sacks are distributed to families in our Begin Again program; to people living in impoverished neighborhoods through community partnerships; and to families the Baltimore City Police in the Northern district (Blessings United partnership) encounter -- in their everyday policing-- who need food. This is our Good for You Groceries program. 

12 volunteers needed, all ages welcome.

Dates to follow.