Heaven on earth is . . . 

working as a team.


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Bring Heaven on Earth to your community!

Contact us to get involved in our ongoing projects. We welcome your church groups, school clubs, scout troops, or group of friends to become angel volunteers. Feel free to share an idea of yours you want help implementing.


Heaven on earth is ...

creating a ripple effect.

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Try THIS at Home!

Here are volunteer projects you can easily do with your family in your own home or neighborhood. Don’t forget to post your photos/video of completed projects on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Add #heavenonearthnow to your posts.


Heaven on earth is...

deeply satisfying work.

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“The past three months, Jojo and I have been sleeping on the floor.

I never felt so low as a mom than to have my son sleeping on the floor of a shelter. But look at God’s grace now.

There’s my baby in a bed. I didn’t realize how blessed I am until just now … I no longer have that guilty and helpless feeling. Thank you.”

~Grateful recipient of House to Home project