Serve the Servant ... Joyfully!

Hershey's Kisses with M&M's and pretzels.

It’s the month of love. And Valentine’s week is also Random Acts of Kindess Week (Feb. 12 – 18). There are so many people you encounter everyday who could use your gifts of love and kindness. That’s why we are devoting ourselves to serving the servant. 

Who are the folks that serve you everyday, who carry your mail or protect your safety, who tend to your lawn or empty your garbage can, who clean your school or respond to emergencies across your city? Foster connections with the individuals who serve you, know their names, get to know them, and greet them with a smile.

We’re excited to hear how you Serve the Servant, maybe with pretzel kisses for postal carriers. Or gift cards for groundskeepers. Fill your month with grateful living, noticing all the ways your life is made better by public servants.

Here’s how…