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Is Healthy Food Really More Expensive Than Junk?

Yes, HOWEVER, there’s more to the story. A comprehensive Harvard study found that on average, healthier eating costs $1.50 more per day more than less nutritious choices. Indeed, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts is $550 more per year than a diet reliant on, for example, processed foods, meats, and refined grains. While the added expense is less than most of us would guess, it can be burdensome for families and folks on fixed incomes.

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Make Their Day!

How many individuals grace your day with their help and service? Maybe it starts with a bus driver, a crossing guard, or a barista. By midday, you may have crossed paths with dozens of helpers. The security at your office building, the mall, or at the bank. An administrative person at work or at the kids’ school. The sales clerks, the custodians, maintenance workers, or the grounds crew.

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Serve the Servant ... Joyfully!

It’s the month of love. And Valentine’s week is also Random Acts of Kindess Week (Feb. 12 – 18). There are so many people you encounter everyday who could use your gifts of love and kindness. That’s why we are devoting ourselves to serving the servant.

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